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  • What kind of schools are suited for CARing Kids?
    CARing Kids is suitable for all mainstream primary schools.
  • What is the target age group for CARing Kids?
    The programme has been designed for children aged 9-10, taking into account their developmental needs and cognitive abilities. In this sense, the programme is suitable for students in Primary 2 to 3.
  • I am a school social worker. May I teach the CARing Kids in my school?
    Yes, all teaching professionals and counsellors qualified to work on a school campus may conduct the CARing Kids programme after they have completed the foundation training by the HKU CARing Kids team.
  • Any training is needed to teach CARing Kids?
    Yes. Foundation training including animal-assisted education, the essentials of interacting with reading canines, understanding their needs and welfare, and experiential learning (completion of all six sessions of the programme for at least once).
  • Can non-Chinese speaking students take part in CARing Kids?
    All of our teaching materials are written in Chinese but the main medium we use are images and visuals. Schools may use different languages to explain the stories. If needed, the participating schools may use other texts to assist in the teaching. The HKU team has conducted a CARing Kids programme in a non-Chinese speaking school.
  • What is a reading canine?
    It is a home-trained companion dog which has passed through assessment by our CARing Kids collaborators. The personality and behaviour are suited to a school environment and interaction with school children. The reading canines will quietly accompany school children in reading storybooks.
  • May my companion dog become a reading canine?
    Dog owners who would like their companion dogs to become reading canines may contact our collaborators to enquire about the application and assessment procedures.
  • Where may I buy a copy of a CARing Kids storybook?
    You may contact Publisher for a copy.
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